Monday, January 31, 2011

Barcelona Dog !!

Nostalgia, Barcelona 2011
So this is a particular dog I found in Barcelona, it looks kinda sad, like its owner was that toy that you can only see its legs...
I really love dogs! My mom has 5 or 6 dogs, I lost count already, they are so noble to you and they show so much love... I wonder what the world would be if people were like dogs...

Friday, January 28, 2011

6 fruit juices for 1 €

Mercado de San José, Barcelona 2011

We went to the Market to drink some really tasty fruit juice. We had passion fruit & pineapple juice and strawberry & pineapple juice... 6 for 1 euro... amaizing... if you go to this market later in the evening you might find other special offers like that.

New blog!

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 2011
So this is my first post...
This picture is for my sister Verónica, since she really liked it...
Hope you like it!